s h r a m m //

J Ö R G  W Ä H N E R //    Florian Kästner //       Philipp Martin

// D R U M s  // Piano  // bass

A b o u t //

• born in 1980
• studied jazz drums in Leipzig and Barcelona
• toured as a drummer in Europe, North America, South America and Asia 

• played drums in projects like Apparat, Dieter Meier, The/das, The Yucca Spiders, Andrra, Perdurabo, Fhlaipw

• film music: Eichwald Md, Kundschafter des Friedens

S H R A M M //

P R O J E C T S //

• worked as a producer for his first EP „Conic“

• Komponent: project of Perdurabo and Shramm

SHRAMM Band Arpen, Philipp Rumsch, Philipp Martin

Apparat Band Sascha Ring, Christoph Mäckie Hamann, Philipp Thimm, Christian Kohlhaas

Andrra Fatime Kosumi, Christoph Mäckie Hamann

Perdurabo Davide Arneodo

Mr. Bugslow Christian Kohlhaas, David Schwarz, Philipp Martin

t e a c h i n g //

• Teacher at Kreismusikschule Harz