„Shramm hat eine ganz eigene musikalische Sprache, die von einer zarten, tranceartigen Motorik und zahlreichen Wiederholungen geprägt ist. Die Musik ist ruhig, mit einem homogenen Klangklima. Es gibt viel Raum, sanfte Melodien und subtile harmonische Konstruktionen. Alles klingt stimmig und ist gut arrangiert. Der Klang des Klaviers, unterstützt durch elektronische Effekte, ist hier sehr spannend. Ein großartiges Album, wir sind begeistert!“

„A beautiful addition to any Jazz collection, I’m not exaggerating when I say the opening track ‘Abend’ could be mistaken for a Jazz standard with its perfect structure and flow, and so it goes for the wonderful trip that follows. Playful and bright compositions throughout, with some pieces taking on a more improvisational style than others. There is a vibrant energy in all the performances, with only ‘Ballade’ having that brooding late night vibe. Shramm have created a work that deserves attention, not only for the outstanding musicianship but having combined there talents to produce an album, that from the first note, has the signature of quality Jazz all over it.“

„Even when Shramm play contrasting phrases, as in the song’s tumbling, lurching bridge, they appear to be playing off and with each other rather than against each other. The rhythms diverge, but are held together and woven tight by the trio’s expert craftsmanship. They step around each other in a light-footed, self-assured choreography, which feels natural despite its complexity – as impressive as it is beautiful.“